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Barstow City Council Approves Marriott Hotel Project in Lenwood

BARSTOW, Calif. ( — On Thursday, May 27th, the Barstow City Council reversed an earlier decision in a special meeting to approve the Marriott Hotel project to be slated to begin construction this summer. The Hotel Investment Group for Marriott Hotels provided additional information on the project which included a projection of 600 full-time construction jobs over an 18 month period.  

“The $32 million dollar project will provide over 181 rooms using an innovative design that maximizes land capacity for two hotels for both short-term and long-term stay,” stated Darshan Patel – Chief Executive Officer for the Hotel Investment Group. “We look forward to building the very first Marriott in Barstow and the ongoing partnership with the City as we meet the increased demand for accommodations of travelers going through the region.”

City staff had been working with the developer on the project since the 1st Quarter of 2019, but the advent of the Covid19 Pandemic slowed project development and ultimately increased development costs in excess of prior projected construction estimates. 

“I am proud of our council in supporting the decision to call for a special meeting to reconsider the proposed Marriott Hotel project,” stated Mayor Dr. Paul Anthony Courtney. “We have to consider the current economic times that we are living in; this pandemic has taught the world to be creative and adapt at every level, and we proved tonight that Barstow is open for business and ready to do just that!”  

“Staff presented us with invaluable information tonight that clearly made this a win-win project for the city and region,” stated Mayor Pro-Tem James Noble. “It comes down to basic economics…we either work with our development community to expand our job and tax base or we send a message throughout the region and State that Barstow is not pro-growth or pro-jobs. I was elected to this seat to represent this community and make the tough decisions that need to be made, and I choose jobs for our residents!”

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