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Barricaded Subject Armed with Assault Weapon

breaking-news-logoBREAKING: Sheriff’s officers are staging outside a residence located in the area of Central & RoundUp way in Apple Valley, for a suspect who has barricaded himself inside of a residence and is reportedly armed with an assault weapon.

Dispatch received a call just before 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, from a concerned father stating his son was loading his AR-57 and would be challenging police officers.

Per scanner traffic, the suspect suffers from PTSD and has been drinking. The family also says he is depressed and don’t know what he is capable of doing. Residences in the immediate neighborhood are under a mandatory evacuation. Sheriff’s helicopter 40-king is over head assisting with aerial support; and confirmed via an onboard  infrared camera the suspect was in-fact carrying an assault rifle.

Additional units have been requested to help coordinate the evacuation and to block the surrounding streets. To follow this post join VVNG with over 25,100 members. www.facebook.com/groups/victorvalleynews 

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