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Baby Delivered by Firefighters in Cajon Pass on 15 Freeway

CAJON PASS-( At approximately 11:27 P.M., on Friday night, dispatch received a call reporting a vehicle in the center divider construction area of the 15 freeway south of Cleghorn.

After further information was collected by dispatch, they received information that the vehicle pulled over for emergency childbirth.

San Bernardino County Fire Department firefighters from Station 2, located in Devore arrived to find the 30-year-old female in active labor. The firefighters evaluated the situation determining that delivery of the baby was imminent.

According to fire department officials, despite a few challenges including high-speed traffic, poor lighting and an umbilical cord wrapped around the neck of the child a healthy baby girl was delivered in the back of the family’s small SUV within 7 minutes of their arrival.

The mother, father, and baby girl were safely transported by ambulance to the hospital, and are all doing well.

San Bernardino County Fire reminds motorists to safely slow down, pull to the right, and stop whenever they see emergency vehicles approaching. We might be on our way to deliver another baby!

(San Bernardino County Fire Department Press Release)

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