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Arrests Made in Victor Valley College Locker Room Theft

VICTORVILLE:( The September 10th robbery of the Victor Valley College Football locker room, left the team not only feeling violated, but caused a loss of phones, keys, cash as well as other personal items. Approximately 60 lockers were broken into that Wednesday evening as the team was on the field practicing.

Several witnesses saw a group of individuals run with gym type bags through the cafeteria just after the time of the theft. On September 11th when the Claremont police stopped a stolen vehicle they also found the items stolen from Victor Valley College inside the vehicle. Four were arrested for the theft and items including cell phones, wallets as well as other stolen property was recovered.

The school is looking into other options of keeping the students property safe during practices and games after this incident. There is no information provided as to if this theft is connected with the other recent thefts from college locker rooms.

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