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Apple Valley Residents Capture a Wild Cat on Their Home Surveillance Camera

APPLE VALLEY-( Wild animals are not completely unheard of in the desert, but when they get closer to home it is always something that creates conversation.

Recently, there have been mountain lion sightings in populated areas, some even captured on tall utility wires. The sight is undoubtedly beautiful, but makes those living in the areas question if this presence poses a risk to themselves, their children and their outdoor pets.

On Sunday, October 25th, Apple Valley resident, Melissa and Chris Leggett‎ posted a photo that was captured on their “Wilderness Camera” outside of their home. They described their home being in the Apple Valley Highlands off of Deep Creek Road above the river. What they captured appears to be a Bobcat.

Sarah Bracey also described her experience with wildlife, a little too close for comfort in a Victor Valley 411 post, “We had a bobcat across the street yesterday about 6:00 p.m. I’m up in the Marianas off round up.”

Bobcats typically have a shorter tail than most of their feline family and is considered medium size with the smallest being about the size of a large domestic cat to growing to 30 pounds and up to 50 inches long. They are shorter in stature than other wild cats, most standing about 20 inches tall.

Wildlife experts say that a Bobcat will not attack a human unprovoked. They prefer to be away from humans and usually eat small rodents like mice, rats, squirrels and rabbits. They can pose a danger to small domestic animals like cats and small dogs. They will protect their offspring and their food stash so if one shows teeth or growls, the human should leave the area.

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