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Apple Valley Man Celebrates 100 Years Young

APPLE VALLEY:( Norman Butler, was born on June 2nd, 1916 and yesterday he reached a milestone. On Thursday evening, his friends from the neighborhood gathered together to celebrate 100 years of love and laughter.

Norman is a Veteran and after working as a building inspector for the County of Los Angeles for 44 years he retired to live in Apple Valley.

Brock Davis is 19-years-old and he met Norman when he and his family moved into their grandparents home in Apple Valley at 5-years-old. For over a decade Brock and Norman have been friends sharing countless laughs and life stories.

“I’ve brought him (Norman) plates of food on Thanksgiving and Christmas since I can remember, to show our families appreciation for his service to our country, life experience, and kindheartedness,” says a very excited Davis.

Davis is a volunteer Fire intern with the San Bernardino County Fire Department at station 311 in Victorville. He also recently landed an EMT job with Care Ambulance in Orange.

“Norman is a huge inspiration in my life and has so many stories to tell. He’s an amazing role model and a great friend,” says Davis.

Davis describes Norman as kind hearted, strong, and caring. “He loves to have a good laugh and he loves to watch baseball.” Norman enjoys spending his free time sitting on his chair swing that sits inside his garage and speaking to passersby.

When we asked Davis what he feel’s is Norman’s secret to making it this long he said, “I would say his secret is his true passion and appreciation for life. He is a very motivated older gentleman. He was still walking just a couple years back”!

Davis would like to finish by reminding everyone to cherish the older generation. “They have so many amazing stories and knowledge the younger generation couldn’t even comprehend. You being there for the older generation makes their day every time, never forget to stay kind hearted.”

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