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Apple Valley Family Desperate for Help to Save 5-year-old’s Life



( Five-year-old Ryan Hansen from Apple Valley, has been through battles that many of us cannot even fathom as adults. At the tender age of two his family was 1614436_10154944795190221_3589087962048282867_odevastated to find out that young Ryan, still really a baby at the time, was diagnosed with Leukemia. At the time Ryan went through Chemotherapy went into remission with follow-up maintenance chemotherapy. Recently, he again got sick and the family found out young Ryan would have yet another battle for his life.

Leukemia is one of the most common forms of cancer in children, accounting for approximately one of three cancer cases. The age Ryan was diagnosed, although very young is common since most cases are diagnosed in their first two years of life or as teens.

David D Gleason Jr‎, the grandfather is reaching out to as many as possible hoping to find a bone marrow match for his grandson who is desperately in need of it to save his young life. “He is a good little boy deserving of a bright future,” said Gleason. Ryan is a difficult to match child due to him being multiracial, both White and Salvadorian. The best chance of a match would be someone with similar ethnicity, but many other combinations can work, “even other Latin and White mixes have a better chance to match than only one race,” explained Gleason.

While most children are excitedly looking forward to Trick-or-treating, little Ryan is laying in a hospital bed at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) receiving a month-long chemotherapy treatment. His family is begging for help through everyone ordering their swap through the National Bone Marrow Registry today and the more everyone can share with family and friends the better. “The match can come from anywhere, even outside of the country,” added Gleason. “We are desperate to save our little boy and need everyone’s help!”

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If you are 18-44 years of age, even up to 60 years of age Ryan needs your help. Please request your swap kit today from and also share this with all your friends, the more that get swabbed, the more likely he will be to find a match.