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Apple Valley Clarifies Beekeeping Requirements

APPLE VALLEY:( The town of Apple Valley would like to clarify beekeeping requirements to it’s residents. In a July 10th press release Apple Valley expressed that there was a recent interest in beekeeping activities which required them to make new, clearer beekeeping requirements.

In Apple Valley, beekeeping is only allowed in low density residential zones with 2.5 acres or larger lots  including those zoned Residential Very Low Density (R-VLD), Residential Low Density (R-LD) and Residential Agriculture (R-A).

Bee keeping is typically associated with agricultural uses and are better suited for larger lots to ensure separation distances from neighbors,” explained Lori Lamson, Assistant Town Manager of Community and Development Services.

A recent beekeeping operation at a residence with a property size of one-acre was cited by Apple Valley Animal Services. Apple Valley regulations allow one hive per 13,000-square-feet of land on properly zoned parcels. Privately owned hives that are on the property for personal honey production or other bee produced products must be properly zoned, but will not require a permit. Hives kept for commercial use are subject to a $256 beekeeping fee and the business license fee.

To get more information on applying for a beekeeping permit or business license see: and to find out the zoning in your area:  or call 760-240-7000.

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