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Apple Valley Boy Needs Your Help to Save His Life

Ryan with his baby half sister just before relapse.
Ryan with his baby half-sister just before relapse.

APPLE VALLEY-( In October, the word began to spread regarding a tiny Apple Valley boy fighting a huge fight for his life. Ryan Hansen is what most would consider a normal six-year-old boy, he loves all the things other boys his age love he loves toys, he loves playing, and he loves spending time with his family. One thing Ryan has seen much too much of is the CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County hospital rooms.

Ryan unfortunately spent Halloween, his 6th Birthday, Thanksgiving and now very possibly will spend Christmas hospitalized with this horrific yet curable disease. Ryan’s family is reaching out to the community, to those outside of the community and really to those all around the world asking that they take a simple test to see if they are a bone marrow match for Ryan. The test is totally free and pain-free, if you match anyone on their registry waiting for a transplant you will be notified and then be able to make the choice if you would like to help save a life.
Ryan recently has gone through Chemotherapy, which was very harsh on any body, especially on such a young person. This little boy just needs another chance at life, a chance to go to school, be with family, grow up with his little sister, and eventually get married and have children of his own. “He is at the hospital still! He came down with a rare fungal infection that was life threatening but our tough little guy has beat that! They told us that he is a very lucky little boy to have gotten through it,” said grandfather, David Gleason.

His family begs for those of you to look at Ryan’s face and see the face of your child, and realize that you can make a difference by sharing this need, ordering your free test kit or going to one of two local bone marrow drives, which have been set up with Ryan in mind.

Ryan hospitalized, prior to losing his hair.
Ryan hospitalized, prior to losing his hair.

Your kit can be ordered absolutely free of charge here:  There will be a bone marrow drive on Saturday, December 13th at the Rose O’Leary Center in the Baldy Mesa area of Victorville at 9932 5th street in Victorville at 10:00 am. Rancho Verde Elementary School 14334 Pioneer Road in Apple Valley where Ryan attends school will also be having a bone marrow drive on 12/18/2014 from 9am until 4pm. Both events are sponsored by the school and community center location through

If you and your family want to give something special this holiday season, a gift like no other that does not cost anything besides for your time and willingness, please come get swabbed to see if you may be the match needed to save a young life. Also, make sure to share Ryan’s story everywhere, since his match may even be outside of the country.

For more information about Ryan Hansen and his battle with Leukemia, please read our October 28th article titled Apple Valley Family Desperate for Help to Save 5-year-old’s Life


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