Apple Introduces New iPhone 7

( During its special event announcement on Wednesday Apple unveiled the new iPhone 7 and it’s many new features.

The new iPhone 7 is being called the best phone ever made. Offering a brand new state of the art camera and the iPhone is now dust and water proof. It will also feature the longest battery life ever.

According to Apple Ceo Tim Cook, Apple has sold over 1 Billion phones worldwide. Making it the best products of it’s kind in the history of the world.

The new Iphone 7 will cost $649.00 and orders start Friday, September 9th and shipping will be on September 16th.

Below are the best new features.

1. New Design: The design comes in a new finish called “Jet Black.” A high gloss finish. also available in Black, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. The antenna is embedded in the case making it essentially disappear.

2. Home Button
: Is now redesigned in iPhone 7 making it more customizable. It’s now force sensitive and works together with “Taptic Engine” making it more responsive.

3. Enclosure
: The new enclosures are water and dust resistant known as IP67 Protection Standard.

4. Camera
: The new camera system on the iPhone 7 is a huge advancement in photography. Offering optical Image Stabilization, wider f/ 1/8 aperture lens, six elements lens, 12 MPX sensor. The flash now features a quad-lED offering 50% more light. Now offers a front facing 7MP camera for selfies. The iPhone 7 Plus will include 2 cameras that will offer a telephoto zoom lens from 1x all the way up to 10x. Brand new shallow depth of field capabilities.

5. Retina HD Display
: 25% brighter display wide color screen.

6. Audio
: For the first time ever the iPhone 7 will offer Stereo speakers.

7. Ear-Pods
: They will now connect via a lightning connector cord. No more analog cord.

8. Wireless: Apple Air Pods will deliver a new Apple experience. The Pods will connect wirelessly to your iPhone and Apple Watch.

9. Apple Pay: Will be introduced in Japan and improved with more security features.

10. Performance: New generation chip known as the A10 Fusion. This will include better graphics performance and better efficiency. “The most powerful chip ever in a smartphone.”

Screenshot 2016-09-07 11.29.34

Screenshot 2016-09-07 11.46.38

Screenshot 2016-09-07 11.01.35

Screenshot 2016-09-07 11.43.00

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