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Animal Control Asking Residents to Leave Dogs At Home

VICTORVILLE:( The City of Victorville Animal Care & Control Division is asking residents to please leave their dogs at home rather than in their car. There have been more than 40 calls for dogs left in vehicles in recent weeks. With Victor Valley temperatures surpassing 100 degrees this past week, interior vehicle temperatures can reach 140 degrees in a matter of minutes and cracked windows have little effect. Dogs can suffer brain damage or die from heat stroke in the 15 minutes it may take to run an errand for “just a minute”.

City of Victorville Animal Control will be citing animal owners for Animal Cruelty under the California Penal Codes for dogs in left vehicles when the animal is endangered due to heat, lack of ventilation, or lack of food and water. Under the same law, law enforcement and animal control are authorized to take necessary steps to remove the animal from the vehicle.

With rising temperatures, it is also necessary to keep pets cool at home. If the dog must be left outdoors during summer temperatures, shelter from the sun, water, and food must be available. There are also other ways to help your pet beat the heat such as a small plastic pool or patio misters.

To report an animal cruelty, please contact City of Victorville Animal Care & Control at (760) 955-5089.

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