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Angelus Oaks – Search and Rescue

ANGELUS OAKS: ( On Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 9:30 a.m., 40King6 and Air Rescue 306 were requested to assist deputies and San Bernardino Co. Fire on a search and rescue in the area of Angelus Oaks.

It was reported that two subjects who were camping in the area went missing the night before at about 8:00 p.m. Deputies made contact with a friend of the missing hikers and he stated that while trying to access the creek-bed for water, the male subject fell from the trail due to the ground underfoot giving away.

The 56-year-old female victim, after not hearing from the 60-year-old male victim for some time, went looking for her companion. She also became stuck in the canyon with no way to climb up or down.

The crew of 40King6, Air Rescue 306 was led to the general area and the female victim was located by an aerial search.

While setting up to hoist the female victim from the canyon, the crew of AR306 spotted the male victim, approximately 50 yards east. The male victim was hidden under a canopy of trees and was spotted by his efforts of signaling the helicopter by waving a blue shirt attached to a stick from under the trees.

S.B. Co. Firefighter/Paramedic Sherwin was lowered approximately 200 feet to the female to prepare her for a hoist extraction. While on the ground with her, medic Sherwin was able to determine that both victims were uninjured with the exception of minor bumps/bruises. The female was hoisted from the mountain side and transferred to the care of the deputies and fire personnel awaiting at the Angelus Oaks heli-spot.

Upon contacting the male victim, Sherwin was able to place him into a hoist harness and position him in an area accessible to AR306. AR306 then hoisted both back to the helicopter.

-Crew of AR306; Pilot- Deputy D. Borgerd, Crew Chief- Deputy J. Scalise, Fire Captain- S. Simpson,
-Firefighter/Paramedic- E. Sherwin.
-Crew of 40King6: Pilot- Deputy D. Brimmer, Flight Officer-Deputy R. Peppler

source: San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Press Release

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