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Anesthesia Groups Join Forces in Orange/San Bernardino Counties

VICTOR VALLEY:(Sept. 24, 2014) – Allied Anesthesia is pleased to announce an agreement on the consolidation of its medical practice with Fullerton Anesthesia Associates, A Medical Group, Inc. and Upland Anesthesia Medical Group.

The integrated medical practice will formally begin operations on Jan. 1, 2015.

Consolidation will allow the new group to serve our communities with the appropriate subspecialists, provide greater patient access to higher levels of specialty care, provide our patients with enhanced treatment protocols and best management practices and, at the same time, provide enhanced efficiencies and cost-effectiveness for the patients, hospitals and health plans,” said Dr. Kaveh Matin, CEO of Allied Anesthesia.
The integrated anesthesiology practice will include 100 physicians operating in three divisions: Orange, Fullerton and Upland. The practice will be governed by a board composed of representatives from the three divisions and managed by Allied’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. George Kanaly.

Together, the combined group will serve at least six hospitals and more than a dozen ambulatory surgery centers, including: St. Joseph Hospital of Orange; Children’s Hospital of Orange County; St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton; San Antonio Community Hospital in Upland; and St. Mary’s Medical Center in Apple Valley.

It will provide general, pediatric, cardiac, and obstetric anesthesia services, as well as adult and pediatric chronic and acute pain management services in select locations.

The process has been transformational with all three groups contributing as peers, bringing their skills, accomplishments and interests forward to create a combined medical group that is well positioned and equipped to serve our patients, hospitals, surgeons and health plans in the provision of anesthesia-related medical services,” Kanaly said.

Allied Anesthesia, Fullerton Anesthesia Associates and Upland Anesthesia are each highly regarded and enjoy longstanding service, excellent reputations and a track record for improving efficiency while increasing positive patient outcomes.

Many anesthesiologists within these groups have demonstrated their commitment to excellence by serving in leadership positions within their medical staffs and professional organizations. Many have served as medical directors, presidents of the medical staff, members of boards, and even as national and statewide leaders within their professional organizations.

Allied Anesthesia has undertaken a number of initiatives in recent years to standardize best practices, reduce costs and improve patient safety and outcomes at St. Joseph. The initiatives have resulted in significant reductions in surgery cancellation rates, elimination of wasteful practices and improvements in overall operating room (OR) efficiency from pre-op to post-op.

Fullerton Anesthesia has extensive experience with both an anesthesia-specific, intra-operative electronic medical record called PICIS as well as a pre-operative electronic medical assessment/preparation tool called ePreop.

Both tools are proving useful to hospitals and surgeons. PICIS assesses OR efficiency, resulting in more appropriate, cost-efficient staffing models for the hospitals.

ePreop is saving surgeons time and hospitals money by eliminating the chances that unneeded tests are ordered and also by assuring needed tests/consults are ordered prior to surgery, which reduces last-minute cancellations – a huge inconvenience for all,” said Dr. Michael Lillie, treasurer of Fullerton Anesthesia.

He added that Fullerton Anesthesia Associates is looking forward to gaining the experience that Kanaly of Allied Anesthesia brings to the table as a professional administrator for an anesthesia medical group.

Fourteen years ago, Upland Anesthesia established the San Antonio Ambulatory Surgery Center next to San Antonio Community Hospital in Upland and rebuilt the anesthesia department at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Apple Valley. Both moves have greatly benefited their respective communities by improving the quality of service their patients receive.

The consolidation gives us a lot of intellectual capital, a lot of smart people in different places who can put their minds together to come up with best practices protocol,” said Dr. Ed DiGiamarino, CEO of the Upland Anesthesia Medical Group.

About Allied Anesthesia: With over 100 highly qualified physician anesthesiologists on staff, Allied Anesthesia provides adult and pediatric anesthesia services to St. Joseph Hospital of Orange, CHOC Children’s Hospital, St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, San Antonio Community Hospital in Upland, St. Mary’s Hospital in Apple Valley and many other Southern California health care facilities. In 2014, Allied Anesthesia joined with Fullerton Anesthesia Associates and Upland Anesthesia Medical Group to consolidate best practices in more than six hospitals and more than a dozen ambulatory surgery centers. The expanded medical practice is dedicated to offering the highest comprehensive quality of care and the most cost-effective procedures in all facilities they serve. All Allied physician anesthesiologists are board certified in Anesthesiology and they staff and manage the most efficient operating rooms in Southern California. Allied is a member of the California Society of Anesthesiologists, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, and the Anesthesia Quality Institute.

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