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An Open Letter to Residents of Victor Valley Community College District

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Residents of Victor Valley Community College District:

I am asking you to stand with me in making the right decision this November 4, 2014.

The current Victor Valley Community College District accreditation issue did not happen overnight. The ACCJC (the Accreditation Committee) tells us that the financial problems they identified have not been fixed. I agree. I believe that the VVC financial problems are being kicked down the road in the hope that voters in November will elect Trustees that will not deal with our annual structural budget deficit. This must not happen. VVC’s financial problems must be addressed once and for all. We must have the courage to do what is right, not only for our 850± employee partners and our thousands of great students but more importantly for the future of the High Desert.

To do that, we must elect the best candidates to the VVC Board of Trustees in November. I am asking you to support appointed Trustee Mr. Brandon Wood, incumbent Trustee Mrs. Lorrie Denson and candidate Ms. Marianne Tortorici on November 4th, 2014.

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Like so many of you, I care about VVC and I am extremely passionate about our role as Trustees. VVC has been at a crossroads for the last 3 years. I urge the nearly 375,000± people that live within the Victor Valley Community College District and the nearly 160,000± that have the opportunity to vote, to be involved and help vote in those Trustees that will not be controlled by outside influences and groups. Those candidates that truly care about balancing a budget and delivering the quality, cost effective education that students deserve.

This September we had nearly 12,000± students register at VVC. Our job is to educate and encourage our students to enhance their education, return to the High Desert, become a part of our community and help improve our challenging economic condition. We still face the most serious economic environment that the High Desert has ever seen. Today, nearly 40% of all men, women and children in the High Desert are on some type of welfare, food stamps, or entitlement. This does not include Social Security for those that have earned it. The High Desert economy cannot stand up and revitalize itself without an educated community. We need to encourage and enable those who are on entitlement to get an education. We need to send a message to the employee groups that work for VVC that educating students is our job, not supporting Board candidates sympathetic to faculty and staff financial wants.

With the leadership of our new President/Superintendent Dr. Roger Wagner and all of us working together, I believe we can position Victor Valley Community College District to become one of the greatest community college districts in California and ultimately the nation. If we don’t think “outside of the box” and think “big” we will never achieve the goals that many of our students, our employee partners, our tax payers and our voters want to see for our great school.

I strongly encourage High Desert voters to vote for appointed Trustee Mr. Brandon Wood, current and incumbent Mrs. Lorrie Denson and retired community college educator Marianne Tortorici on November 4th, 2014. Remember: we are all in this together. Thank you.

Joseph W. Brady, CCIM, SIOR
Vice President
Victor Valley Community College District Board of Trustees
The Bradco Companies

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