Adopt-A-Street Program Gaining Popularity


(Staff Reports): The City of Victorville’s Adopt-A-Street Program just marked its fifth year of operation, and it is growing.  In the last year alone, 14 groups joined the program, bringing the total number of groups participating to 27.  These groups of volunteers have committed to collect litter from their street or streets at least four times a year for a minimum two-year period.  For their participation, the City provides all the necessary supplies, arranges pick up of the bagged litter, and erects an Adopt-A-Street sign identifying the volunteer group.

Adopt-A-Street Victor Valley News
Adopt-A-Street Victor Valley News

The success of the program lies squarely with the men and women who volunteer their time to make a difference in their community.  Some are groups of neighbors banning together to keep their street clean.  Other groups consist of family and friends, members of a church, organization, business or school.  And three individuals have also joined the program, taking sole responsibility for cleaning up their adopted streets.  All volunteers are to be commended for giving back to their community in a beneficial, and noticeable, way.

The largest group currently participating is People’s Care.  Clients of People’s Care, started out on their own collecting litter from the parks in Victorville.  They have since formally adopted a number of streets, as well as all of the paseos under the Adopt-A-Paseo Program.  In total, they have adopted all the paseos in the Eagle Ranch, Brentwood, and Reno Loop areas.  Most recently, they added the area encompassing Hook Boulevard and Topaz Road.

On any given day, 50 to 60 individuals from People’s Care are collecting litter from various locations around the City.  According to People’s Care Program Manager, Lala Jones, the idea is for them to learn to give back as people have given to them.

People’s Care provides community-based, person-centered support services to individuals with intellectual disabilities in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  Theirs is a philosophy of “Personal Choice, Community Involvement and Dignity.”  They feel that they offer the peace of mind that comes from seeing a loved one gaining the skills he or she needs for a happier, more productive live.  In the High Desert, People’s Care can be reached at (760) 962-9339.

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City Of Victorville

“Volunteering seems to bring on the happiness effect,” said Ro Ratliff, administrator of landscape assessment districts which includes the paseos.  “People’s Care not only brings the joy of volunteering to the individuals in their organization, but it also brings joy to us here at the City and throughout the Victorville communities from seeing the positive effects of their service.”

Victor Valley Church of Christ is notable as the Victorville Adopt-A-Street Program’s longest serving volunteer group.  Victor Valley Church of Christ joined the program on June 15, 2009 and have been very active participants for four years now.

For more information about the City of Victorville’s Adopt-A-Street Program, contact the City of Victorville Community Services Department, Environmental Services Division at  (760) 955-5095.

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