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Adelanto Passes Water Quality Control Inspection

2012 Treatment Plant upgrade continues to pay dividends

ADELANTO, Calif. — The 7389 customers who rely on the Adelanto Wastewater Treatment Plant should take comfort in knowing that once again, the Plant passed its annual inspection conducted by Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).

Operating as a separate facility from the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority (VVWRA) since 1998, it took two inspectors two hours to monitor Adelanto’s Treatment Plant September 5, resulting in no violations.

“The fact that we are now regularly meeting all state requirements is not just a testament to the knowledgeable staff on site and at the corporate level, but the Plant is well designed and an upgrade in 2012 makes for an efficient operation,” said David Kachelski, Director of Operations, PERC Water Corporation.

Kachelski indicated that in 2010 the Plant was accepting more than the design capacity flows (designed for 1.5 million gallons per day—MGD—but trying to treat two million gallons per day). The result was effluent flow containing high solids and causing permit violations to the percolation ponds which then caused the ponds to not percolate and overflow its banks.
But the bigger issue for the City of Adelanto is that the influent flows had to be diverted (50%) to VVWRA at a cost close to $1 million dollars annually.

In 2012 PERC Water Corporation, contracted by Adelanto to operate its Treatment Plant, started a construction capacity enhancement project to increase capacity from 1.5 MGD to 4.0 MGD. Construction was completed in spring of 2013 and all violations to the city ceased.

“We have an obligation to our constituents to ensure that our Treatment Plant will do what it is designed to do and serve the residents and businesses in Adelanto at all times,” said Mayor Rich Kerr.

(City of Adelanto)

(source: City of Adelanto news release)

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