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Adelanto Mayor Urges Enhanced Security at Parks Following Weekend Gang Riot

ADELANTO, Calif. ( – Concerns over ongoing gang-related activities have prompted Mayor Gabriel Reyes to address the need for heightened security and safety measures in Adelanto parks.

During a recent city council meeting, Mayor Reyes expressed his deep-rooted commitment to keeping the community safe.

The focal point of his address was the park situated at 15210 Daisy Road, in Adelanto,near the local high school.

Mayor Reyes discussed the recent incident where a large riot took place, involving members of the East Side Victoria and BPG gangs. Disturbing videos and photos were sent to him, showcasing a disturbing scene of bloodshed and vandalism.

Evidence presented to Mayor Reyes revealed youth wielding sticks as weapons during the large brawl, resulting in injuries. The aftermath painted a grim picture, with graffiti sprawled across sidewalks, walls, and recreational facilities. Additionally, power cords were forcibly removed from several park lights, leaving the area in darkness.

Mayor Gabriel Reyes expressed his strong desire to combat these issues head-on, emphasizing the imperative need to ensure the safety of children at these parks. He specifically highlighted the rising graffiti problem, prevalent not only in the north side of town but throughout the entire city.

Gangs such as BPG and East Side Victoria, along with an elusive group that goes by the name “Black something Mafia” (although Reyes could not fully recall the name), have all been involved in defacing public property with their tags.

City Manager Jessie Flores echoed Mayor Reyes’ sentiments and reassured the community that steps would be taken to address the situation.

Flores announced plans to present an actionable agenda at the upcoming council meeting on the 13th, which serves as the municipality’s final gathering of the year.

The commitment of city officials to tackle these challenges demonstrates their dedication to creating a safe and secure environment for residents and especially the children of Adelanto.

Together, Mayor Gabriel Reyes, City Manager Jessie Flores, and the city council aim to forge a path towards increased security and a brighter future for Adelanto’s parks.

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