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Adelanto Council moves to correct 2016 accounting error that overpaid them

ADELANTO, Calif. ( — The Adelanto City Council is moving to correct a 2016 accounting error which effectively increased the council’s compensation from $506.00 to $600.00, officials said.

“Due to an error made by the former executive staff, the City paid the City Council an extra $94.00 per month to increase council compensation. While consistent with the budget, an Ordinance should have been adopted by the City Council and was not at that time,” stated a news release.

As a result, these monies were improperly paid and the city council received this money without knowing the proper process had not been followed by the City.

In August 2018, the current City staff discovered the prior error.

“When staff discovered the error they immediately brought it to the attention of the City Council”, said Mayor Richard Kerr.

Because this money was improperly paid, the City requested of each member that all improperly paid monies be returned as soon as practical, officials said.

According to the release, “Most of the City Council members did not retain any compensation received from the City during this time and instead donated their compensation to charitable cause affiliated with the City.

As a result, three City Council members currently owe the City money: Ed Camargo, John Woodard, Jr., and Joy Jeannette. Each of the affected City Council members have agreed to return this money.

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