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Adelanto Begins Annual Water Flushing Program



ADELANTO, Calif. — It’s that time of year again…the City of Adelanto has begun its annual water flushing program.

“It is an essential maintenance procedure all water providers must perform periodically to ensure the delivery of water meets state and federal drinking water standards,” according to Ray Cordero, Water Superintendent for Perc Water Corporation, which serves as the city’s Water Department.

The entire water distribution system will be flushed including main lines and hydrants, thereby improving water quality by removing mineral and sediment deposits that accumulate over time. While not harmful to customers, the substances can cause aesthetic water quality issues when they are not periodically flushed from the system.

“Water moves slowly through the underground water distribution system, and the lines accumulate sediment that causes water discoloration, change in taste, odor, or even reduced pressure,” said Cordero. “Flushing improves water quality, delivering water that is clear, tastes better and maintains good supply and pressure.”

During flushing activities, hydrants are opened for a limited period at strategic points of the system, moving water through the pipes at a high velocity to discharge the minerals and sediments that settle in the pipes over time. Flushing also helps to maintain flow and pressure in the water system.

“Customers may experience fluctuations in water pressure or temporary presence of sediment in their water during flushing periods, but the condition is temporary and poses no health hazard,” said Cordero. The presence of any sedimentation will subside within an hour or two once flushing in the area has been completed that day.

Although water service should not be interrupted by flushing activities, customers are urged to minimize water usage during that time, by avoiding use of dishwasher, faucets, and laundry.

“Virtually all Adelanto residents should expect to see us in their neighborhood once a year,” said Cordero. Areas prone to higher sedimentation build up will be addressed twice a year. Residents in affected neighborhoods will be notified in advance of flushing through mailers, phone calls (through the IVR call out system), door hangers (if call notification is not successful) and street signs.

Signs will also be set up to inform those who see the water flowing but aren’t unaware of the scheduled flushing.

For more information contact Ray Cordero, PERC Water Superintendent, (760) 518-1606 or by email:

(Flushing Map)