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Adelanto Adopts Fiscal Year Budget–including a surplus

ADELANTO, Calif. –With no lay-offs and no staff increases expected, for the second year in a row the City of Adelanto is projecting a budget surplus for the new Fiscal Year starting July 1.

Overall General Fund revenues, projected at $20,604,579 are anticipated to increase over last year due to projected sales of real property as well as increases due to transfers from non-utilized Fire and Traffic Mitigation funds.

Revenues, offset by $19,459,984 in General Fund expenditures, is expected to result in a $1,144,595 surplus. The General Fund budget accounts for the bulk of city services and programs including:

  • Administration
  • Public Safety
  • Building & Safety
  • Community Development
  • Maintenance of City facilities and vehicles, the Senior Center, Community Center

“The City continues to make great strides in improving its financial situation compared to prior years,” said Acting City Manager Brad Letner. “We continue to see increased growth in revenues, the bulk being from taxes and assessments, so we have a positive outlook in overall revenues for next fiscal year.”

Letner states that although most revenues remain relatively flat, growth is anticipated from new businesses associated with the legalization of adult recreational cannabis use and the projected sale of the former public works yard, anticipated to close escrow in October.

Public Safety, which includes Police & Fire, accounts for a whopping 65% of General Fund Expenditures. Despite this, Letner says that General Fund expenditures are projected to see only a slight increase compared to the current year, primarily due to increases in contract expenditures with Police and Fire, as well as increased personnel costs and the change in management of the Adelanto Stadium.

Several Capital Improvement Projects, totaling $5,090,744, are planned to improve pedestrian and motor vehicle pathways throughout the City.
“Overall, the outlook is positive for the City, said Mayor Rich Kerr. “Continued growth in residential property construction as well as increased business growth will contribute to the future fiscal stability and improvement of the City of Adelanto.”

The City Council, which reviewed its draft budget at its June 8 meeting, held a public hearing Wednesday evening and voted to adopt the final budget for the City Council, Adelanto Community Benefit Corporation Board, Successor Agency to the former Adelanto Improvement Agency, and Adelanto Public Utility Authority Board.

Details about the budget is for review at: (page 226). Council meetings can be viewed live or archived on line by visiting the city’s website: then click on City Hall/City Council meetings.

(source: City of Adelanto)

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