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A Winning Powerball Jackpot Ticket Sold in Chino Hills



One jackpot winning ticket sold in California and 12 other 5 out of 6 tickets.

CALIFORNIA-(  The California lottery officials announced Wednesday night that there is one jackpot-winning ticket that was sold in California. That lucky ticket was sold at a 7-eleven Store in the city of Chino Hills.

Results from other states are still pending to see just how many lucky winners there are for this $1.586 billion jackpot. In addition to one jackpot winner, California also had 12 other tickets sold with 5 out of the 6 numbers matching.

Cities where the 5 out of 6 winning tickets were sold include:  Tustin, Pacoima, Vacaville, Cloverdale, Redlands, Gardena, Irwindale, Nipton, Chula Vista, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, and Santa Monica.



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