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A man jumps into Hesperia aqueduct after being chased by Pit Bulls

HESPERIA, Calif. ( — 911 Dispatchers received a call at about 6:40 p.m. Friday, from a man who said he was hanging onto the side of the California Aqueduct in Hesperia.

Officials say the man was walking about a half-mile north of Maple Avenue over the aqueduct crossing when he was chased by three Pit bulls.

“He evacuated into the water to escape some dogs that were in the area. He held onto a ladder and was trapped there because the dogs were there,” stated San Bernardino County Fire Battalion Chief Mike McClintock.

“Animal control was called and they remedied the situation rather quickly,” Batt. Chief McClintock said.

Although the man’s cellphone had suffered water damage, he was able to provide his location before it stopped working, fire officials said.

The man later identified himself on Facebook as Dave Kelly on a Victor Valley News post stated the following…

“Ok I will clear the story up since it’s about me. It was 2 pit bulls not 3. I was jogging along the aqueduct when I saw the 2 dogs in a nearby field on the other side of the fence. I saw them barking and running towards me so I started running away. I knew they were chasing me but thought I could get away until I saw them get through a hole in the fence. That’s when the chase was on. There was about 300 yards between us. I ran down a 30 foot hill towards the aqueduct. The dogs were really fast and continued chasing me down the hill. I took a defensive posture and grabbed a rock… I actually hit the brindle but it didn’t even slow the dog down. Both where charging me so I jumped in the aqueduct to prevent getting attacked. The dogs were crazy aggressive and kept me from getting out of the water as I was floating down towards maple bridge. They both followed me along the edge trying to come down the concrete to bite me. After about 10 minutes I was able to grab a ladder along the side. I called 911 because the dogs wouldn’t let me out of the aqueduct and I wasn’t going to attempt the swim across the aqueduct. It took emergency response about 20 minutes to get to me. Communication with 911 was really tough because my phone was wet and the dogs were barking right in my face as I hung onto the ladder. Thank you everyone who responded, I truly appreciate your help,” stated Kelly.

Here is a photo he was able to take of the dogs.

“The biggest thing to remember any time you go hiking, or anywhere, regardless if it’s near the aqueduct or not, is to have your phone with you and to go with a buddy who is knowledgeable of the area,” McClintock said, “But especially around the aqueduct, the directions can be confusing.”

The man declined medical and animal control was able to capture the dogs.

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