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9/11 Rescue Worker Holds Candle Light Vigil in Victorville Praying for Peace

VICTORVILLE-( 9/11 Survivor EMT from NYC is holding a Candle Light Vigil tonight at 5:15pm in Victorville at a Local Community Center praying for peace. candlelight

We are tying to set a positive example in our community and to our youth by encouraging speech as a non violent method of expression instead of violence.  We are saddened by the execution of 2 on duty NYPD officers in a patrol car and 1 officer in Florida late last night.  We discourage violence and pray for peace.

We have witnessed a great deal of irresponsible speech both on Social Media and in the Media from individuals who do not want to coexist peacefully in our society.  We will hear Amazing Grace and Taps played by San Bernardino County Sheriff Bagpiper and say a prayer for unity and acceptance while we light our candles with our neighbors.  The retired line NYC EMT will speak for 5 brief minutes about responders and their dangerous job and ask for calm and peace and an end to hate speech.

The Center, established in 1955 is under new direction and transforming into a haven for local residents in need providing life changing assistance to help meet the gap in needs so local working residents can make ends meet.

The Center also offers free clothing, peer support meetings for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for Military members and uniformed Emergency Services Workers who respond to 911 calls, CPR Classes, exercise classes and affordable, all inclusive Weddings on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day as a fundraiser event to supply the pantry with necessary refrigerators.

(ROLC/BMIA Press Release)

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