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8-Year-Old Rides 10 Miles for Breast Cancer

Photo: Christi Lane-Gueltzow via VVNG
Photo: Christi Lane-Gueltzow via VVNG

Victorville: Many showed up on Saturday to show support and also to participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness Ride (BCAR). The yearly event is put together by Victorville Cycles and sponsored by Trek with all proceeds benefiting breast cancer research.

Victorville resident and fellow VVNG member Christi Lane-Gueltzow, proudly shared about her 8-year old son Justin’s recent accomplishment, and one of her proudest moments.

“My son completed his first 10-mile-ride for Breast Cancer, yesterday at 8 years old and he completed it in only 45 minutes.” After finishing he said to me, ” I feel good mom I’m ready to do the 25 miles next year”. I’m one proud momma, said Christi Lane-Gueltzow.

Justin, on behalf of the Victor Valley we wish to like to congratulate you on this awesome accomplishment. We also know you will continue to go very far in life. Thank you for being such a great role model for our local community.

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