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60 MPH Santa Ana winds expected below the Cajon Pass Wednesday through Thursday

CAJON PASS, Calif. ( — The Santa Ana winds are forecasted to reappear on Wednesday and last until Thursday morning with gusts to around 60 MPH, especially below the Cajon Pass.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), gusts are expected to exceed 30 MPH in other areas such as the San Diego County Mountains and Foothills, as well as many parts of the Inland Empire and Orange County.

The agency also announced the increasing rain chances for next week, beginning on Sunday and extending until Thursday, November 16, 2023. “Stay tuned as we do some additional rain dances and wash our cars for good luck,” stated the NWS in a Facebook post.

Forecasters are saying this might be the first substantial rainfall since August that could possibly produce an inch of rain for San Diego.

Residents in the Victor Valley can expect some warming along with cold nights as temperatures drop to the high 30s and low 40s.

If you are driving in areas with strong winds, take special care. Crosswinds are the greatest threat because they can push a large motor home or a vehicle and trailer combination into another lane if you are not prepared. This is especially true for travel trailers.

What is the best defensive driving technique for driving in wind?

In most cases, going slower is the best defense against strong winds. If you are towing a trailer, you should gradually apply the trailer brakes to help control a swaying trailer. Headwinds require a heavier throttle to maintain usual speeds.

You may be able to control an RV in strong winds, but the safest thing to do would be to pull over and wait it out. If you anticipate driving in very windy areas, call and obtain local weather and road conditions. Good sources of weather information are local airports, highway patrol, state police, or ranger stations. Often, you will see signs along the highway which show radio frequencies for weather information.


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