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4th of July Pet Safety Tips

VICTOR VALLEY:( Every year the 4th of July is a huge celebration, which many American humans enjoy. Unfortunately, it is also a holiday dreaded by animal lovers as well as animal shelters and rescues. The amount of animals lost and found after every 4th of July is alarming so it would be wonderful if pet owners would become proactive rather than dealing with a lost pet after the holiday. Unlike their human companions most animals fear the loud sounds, flashing lights and smells of smoke.

As pet owners we must remember that our pets have a more keen sense of hearing than we do and have a lack of understanding that the bangs, smoke and lights are supposed to be fun. Many will act out, others may get physically sick, some even vomiting and others will try to escape, some going as far as breaking through glass doors or windows. If you pet feels comfortable hiding, let him/her hide, maybe even consider making their hiding spot comfortable and welcoming with blankets, pillows, food, water and their favorite toy or a treat. Put the TV or radio on a little louder than usual and make sure the windows are closed to help overpower the sounds that are scaring your pet with more familiar sounds. Also, most trainers recommend a long walk before a dog is introduced to any new or possibly stressful situation. A long walk will naturally calm them and make them ready to relax to better deal with a new situation.

There are some things that are necessary to remember for all responsible pet owners. It is best to keep your pet indoors, in a garage or even in a crate during the 4th of July festivities. Also, make sure you pet is properly licensed and if you can invest in a microchip for your furry family member A current license and a microchip will help ensure that if they do get out and are found that they can be properly identified and returned.

A representative of Ark Animal hospital recommended that you keep your pet indoors, and if you feel that they may need a sedative you should take them in for an exam. Ark Animal Hospital, located at 15714 Outer Bear Valley Rd, Victorville, offers a $25 exam and the sedative runs about $10. Also if you are in need of a microchip they can provide your pet with one for $40. For more information call them directly at (760)245-7300.

As we all know, being a good pet owner takes a lot of love, understanding and responsibility. Taking proper precautions is a small cost to pay to protect our furry family members from harm. Wishing you a safe and fun holiday experience.


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