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376 Arrested During Desert Guardian Operation in the Victor Valley

The Towns of Apple Valley, Victorville City, Hesperia City, and the City of Adelanto provided funding for Operation Desert Guardian. San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Lovingood also allocated funds to support Desert Guardian for a total of 16 operations. The budget allowed for eight deputies and one sergeant.

The Mission was to conduct criminal suppression operations and high visibility enforcement in the Victor Valley region during the summer months. This was done with the goal in mind of making the residents of the Victor Valley feel safer by arresting criminals and conducting high profile patrol operations.

The High Desert area was the general target area. Specifically, the cities of Hesperia, Apple Valley, Adelanto, Victorville and the unincorporated areas covered by the Victor Valley Station.

Several divisions of the Sheriff’s Department participated in the operation; SMASH Narcotics, Desert Dispatch, and High Desert Detention Center Transportation

Operation Desert Guardian began in Victorville on Friday, July 8, 2016. Criminal suppression operations continued on multiple Friday and Saturday nights, with its conclusion on Saturday, October 1st.

Victorville City Operations

  • Four Desert Guardian Operations.
  • 227 proactive contacts.
  • 122 arrests. (36 Felony – 86 Misdemeanor)
  • 11 gang cards documenting gang members.
  • 4.328 ounces of methamphetamine seized.
  • 6.6 ounces of marijuana seized.
  • 40 ecstasy pills seized.
  • One stolen vehicles recovered, suspect in custody.
  • Three dangerous weapons seized.
  • Twenty-two citations issued

Hesperia Operations

  • Four Desert Guardian Operations.
  • 138 proactive contacts.
  • 95 arrests. (36 Felony – 59 Misdemeanor).
  • A total of 20 probationer/ parolee arrests. One A.B.109 arrest made.
  • 11 gang cards documenting gang members.
  • 34.987 ounces of methamphetamine seized.
  • 513lb .102 ounces of Marijuana seized along with 50 plants.
  • One stolen vehicle recovered.
  • Six dangerous weapons seized.
  • Three search warrants served. One Honey Oil Extraction Lab and $8,161.00 in US Currency seized.
  • Fifteen citations issued

Adelanto & Victor Valley Operations

  • Four Desert Guardian Operations.
  • 206 proactive contacts.
  • 73 arrests. (18 Felony – 61 Misdemeanor)
  • 13 probation searches. One A.B.109 arrest made
  • Four gang cards documenting gang members.
  • 3.103 ounces of marijuana seized.
  • 24 ounces of Marijuana seized
  • One stolen vehicle recovered.
  • Two dangerous weapons seized.

Apple Valley Operations

  • Four Desert Guardian Operations.
  • 147 proactive contacts.
  • 86 arrests. (22 Felony – 64 Misdemeanor)
  • Ten probation searches.
  • Five gang cards documenting gang members.
  • 1.754 ounces of methamphetamine seized.
  • 2.34 ounces of marijuana seized.
  • 3 grams and .5 ounces of heroin seized.
  • 60 schedule 2 pills seized.
  • Stolen Yamaha Rhino recovered.
  • Four firearms seized.
  • Five dangerous weapons seized.
  • Seven citations issued.

Grand Totals:

  • 16 Desert Guardian Operations.
  • 718 proactive contacts.
  • 376 arrests (112 Felony – 652 Misdemeanor)
  • 37 Probation/Parole arrests. 6 A.B. 109 arrests
  • 31 gang cards
  • 16 dangerous weapons seized.
  • Approximately 44.172 ounces of methamphetamine seized.
  • Approximately 0.105 ounces of cocaine seized.
  • Approximately 515 pounds of marijuana seized.
  • 51 citations issued.

“We are very fortunate to have the support of the Board of Supervisors which, allows us to conduct these proactive enforcement operations. Sixteen dangerous weapons were seized, making the streets a little safer for residents. Public safety continues to be a priority for all of us.” stated Sheriff John McMahon

“I was glad to arrange special funding for these Desert Guardian Crime Operations, which ended with 376 arrests,” County Supervisor Robert Lovingood said. “So on behalf of High Desert residents, I want to thank Sheriff McMahon and his local Deputies for these outstanding results and for making our neighborhoods safer.”

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