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27 Parents Cited During Truancy Sweep in Barstow

BARSTOW, Calif:(– On December 15, 2016, The Barstow Police Department and the Barstow Unified School District coordinated a truancy sweep in the Barstow area.

Agencies that participated in the sweep included the Barstow Police Department, Barstow Unified School District, San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, San Bernardino County Probation Department, California Highway Patrol, The Department of Children and Family Services and The Greater Hope Foundation.

The purpose of the sweep is to provide services to make notifications to parents of their duties under California Law in assuring that their minors attend school. The sweep is intended to locate and identify minors who are truant and in violation of Barstow Municipal Code 9.04.030 (Daytime Curfew). The sweep also helps educate both parents and students about the importance of attending school and coping with personal and mental health issues, while at the same time reducing crime within the community.

During the sweep there were forty (40) home visits conducted, one (1) daytime curfew citation issued and twenty-seven (27) citations issued to parents for being in violation of the California Education Code. There were also five (5) adults arrested for outstanding warrants.

Parents and guardians were issued citations for their children having poor school attendance and not following their individual SARB (School Attendance Review Board) contracts. If a parents fail to make their child go to school, as required by law and fail to comply with their SARB contract they were subject to receiving a citation for the violation under the California Education Code.

In additions to the home visits and proactive patrol for truant students, information was provided by the different participating agencies. Some of the information and service provided during the sweep included school and family counseling, mental health services and medical services. The services were made available to assist both the student and the parent in resolving any problems that may be creating obstacles to school attendance such as medical issues, mental health issues, transportation or personal problems.

(source: School Resource Officer Phillip Ragle press release)

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