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15 Freeway Temporarily Closed Due to Weather

UPDATE @11:25 PM: CHP is slowly starting to reopen the south bound side of the 15 freeway through the Cajon Pass.

UPDATE @10:30 PM: CHP has reopened the northbound lanes of the 15 freeway. Traffic on the southbound side is still at a crawl. Black ice is being reported in many areas including the back roads. Please continue to use caution and follow directions on all posted signs.

CAJON PASS:( As predicted the winter storm is causing major problems on our freeways and highways. Drivers commuting on the northbound 15 freeway are reporting traffic is at a crawl just north of Highway 138.

At approximately 9:00 PM CHP called for the closure of the north and south bound 15 freeway between the top of the Cajon Pass and Highway 138. At this time its unknown how long the closure will be in effect.

Before the closure CHP was escorting commuters on the northbound side of the Cajon Pass. Not only for your own safety but for the safety of other’s please be sure to follow CHP units as told.

Traffic on the Northbound 15 freeway. (Photo by: Jorge Figueroa)
Traffic on the Northbound 15 freeway. (Photo by: Jorge Figueroa)

According to CHP logs, state route 138 is closed at the 15 north until it can be plowed. Vehicles are reportedly sliding off and several others are stuck. Some commuters have been stuck without moving for many hours.

If you are planning on traveling along the 138 between Summit Valley and the 15 freeway please note a mandatory chain requirement is in effect.

Additionally CalTrans is also reporting Highway 38 is closed between Forrest Falls and Big Bear.

For 24/7 Highway Conditions you can call (800) 427-7623.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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