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15 Freeway South Reduced to One Lane Due to 5th Wheel Accident


(photo: By Cyndi Cox)
(photo: By Cyndi Cox)

( At approximately 5:06 p.m. per scanner traffic, a truck towing a 5th wheel jack knifed consequently landing them on their side on the 15 south just past the 15 freeway and 215 freeway (Devore) interchange between the Kenwood Avenue and Devore exit. First responders arrived quickly to check for injuries.  All Southbound lanes were blocked to traffic for over a half hour.

Impatient drivers were seen by witnesses to be using the construction openings in the median wall to cross onto the 15 freeway heading north. Restless individuals were seen exiting their vehicles to walk down the freeway to find out the reason for the halt in traffic.

At approximately 5:45p.m. a single southbound lane was reopened to traffic. Traffic on the 15 freeway North and South are still moving slowly as of 6:45 p.m. No further information is available, information will be updated when it is available.

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