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14-Year-Old and her 1-Year-Old Daughter Missing

( Indio police have reason to believe that (teen mom name withheld), a 14-year-old mother to a 1-year-old baby girl may be in the Victorville area. (teen mom name withheld) has been missing since 7:30 the morning of Tuesday, July 15th when she told her brother she was leaving her home to go apply for Medi-cal for her baby and never returned. The teen mother recently made a connection with a man who she reportedly met on the internet, and is believed to be in his mid to late 20’s.

(teen mom name withheld), the mother, (name withheld) recently received leads saying she met with him because they were engaged. She is described by her mother as, Hispanic, 5’6,  175 lbs with dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. The teen girl did not take her wallet, the baby’s car seat, stroller or very many clothes. All she took with her is a diaper bag, leading them to possibly think her disappearance may not have been planned.

The man she is believed to be with has a hole in his throat near his adam’s apple, and has a weird voice, described as the voice of a long time smoker. His last known address was on Sunhill in Victorville, but neighbors said he moved 6-7 months ago. He may be working as a security guard in the San Bernardino or Riverside County areas.

I told the Indio police  that I wanted to go out and put flyers, call security companies since I was told he may be a security guard, to possibly find a current employer. They told me to let them do their job. I just get the feeling that her being a teen mom, she is not getting the same attention a child in different circumstances would. As if she is unworthy or pegged an indecent child not worth saving from her own bad decisions,” said (name withheld).

If you have information on their current whereabouts, please contact Indio (Ca) Police Department at (760) 391-4051. You may ask to remain anonymous.

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