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11-year-old boy on a mission to help keep homeless cool and hydrated

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( — 11-year-old Ryan Urena has a mission, to collect 200 cases of water and 200 umbrellas to help the homeless.

Ryan is reaching out to the Victor Valley community to help him achieve his personal goal of collecting the items over the next month.

Jozette Urena, Ryan’s mom, says her son became inspired to help the homeless after watching a YouTube video of someone who he looks up too.

“When he came to me and told me that he wanted to help the homeless, I was really proud of him. I knew I couldn’t just brush it off,” stated his mother Jozetta.

“This being such a significant time in his young life, I wanted him to experience what it was like to work hard towards a goal he set for himself, and to help others he’s never met,” she said.

With temperatures reaching triple digits in the Victor Valley and heat-related deaths and injuries amongst the homeless population on the rise, including three deaths reported on this summer alone, Ryan’s cause couldn’t have come at a better time.

If you would like to help Ryan achieve his goal to help the homeless, donations can be dropped off at the Apple Valley Animal Hospital at 18107 outer Highway 18.

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