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10 High Desert Residents Arrested in Welfare Fraud Sweep



SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.- Ten people were arrested on outstanding warrants Aug. 3, 2016, as part of a welfare fraud sweep conducted in the High Desert Region of San Bernardino County.

“This sweep was about holding those who cheat the system accountable for their actions and making sure that welfare funds remain available to those who are really struggling and legitimately need public assistance,” District Attorney Mike Ramos said. “We intend to continue working with our Board of Supervisors and other county partners to send the message that welfare fraud will not be tolerated.”

The alleged total of public assistance illegally obtained by the ten defendants was over $96,000. Those arrested include:

Rosa Flores, 39, of Victorville
Case # FSB1202905

Kirian Hernandez, 38, of Hesperia
Case # FSB1301145

Kellie Thompson, 38, of Apple Valley
Case # FSB1301507

Irene Kurose, 37, of Victorville
Case # FSB1204038

Shanika Owens, 37, of Apple Valley
Case # FSB1203608

Annette Carney, 39, of Hesperia
Case # FSB1400162

Monica Hernandez, 38, of Hesperia
Case # FSB1204630

Laura Long, 52, of Barstow
Case # FSB1302161

Vanessa Rocha, 29, of Hesperia
Case # FSB1404045

Aracely Anzu, 26, of Apple Valley
Case # FSB1205162

According to District Attorney Ramos, convicted offenders could face jail time and be ordered to pay restitution for the money received.

Future sweeps will be conducted throughout all parts of San Bernardino County.

Members of the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and the San Bernardino County Human Services Department, assisted in the investigations and participated in the sweep.