Monday , 24 October 2016

Wanted For Child Abuse





**UPDATE: 5/9/13 @ 11:10PM – BREAKING – A source is reporting to Victor Valley News Joe Dekelaita was picked up this evening by L.A.P.D. No Additional details given and as of now, this information is unconfirmed, Please check back later for updates.** 


Wanted by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

“Has anyone seen JOE DEKELAITA He’s a wanted child molester, and just beat a little 18month year old almost to death. Please pray for the baby might not make it, the baby’s bleeding in the brain. Joe grew up in hacienda heights and is a sick sick perverted person.”
Danny Ramirez via fb Fox11

“Case FVI1301163 Defendant 1561263 DEKELAITA , JOSEPH FLOYD Filed Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea Status 1 PC 273A(A) F WILLFULL CRUELTY TO CHILD/POSS INJURY OR DEATH 04/09/2013 ACTIVE Other Charges Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea Status 999 PC 11166 Z CHILD ABUSE REPORT 04/09/2013 N/A”


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  1. renee davidson

    Hope they find him n pay for what he did! Praying for the baby! 🙁

  2. Sick S.O.B.

  3. I will pray for the baby. Just remember nobody can hide from matter what happens he will have to suffer for his horrendous sins.

  4. we should pray for Joe and his family, friends, and the baby of course. None of us were there, we don’t know the truth.

  5. Is this fore reals? I know him, I can’t believe it!

  6. @Rachel, why you all about defending this monster, you must know him?

  7. No our damn court system will try him until proven guilty, drug dealers get more years then these sick bastards! It’s ok he will answer to a hire power very soon…why do people always say, oh I know him? You really don’t!!! If he didn’t do anything why has he not come forward? The neighbor who rescued that girl in Cleveland said he had ribs with that abusive kidnapper, he thought he knew him too?? The bombers in Boston, oh they were such great guys? Really? So they became terrorist over night? You really don’t know anyone? Those bombers walked away and left a bomb next to a 10 year old child, and walked away smiling as they exploded! Yup he was a great friend though!! Come on people wake up!!

  8. Child molesters need to get the death penalty. Why are our courts so lienient?

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