Saturday , 22 October 2016
Los Robertos on Hesperia on Road Closes for good.
The Mexican restaurant was best known for their California Burritos.

Los Robertos Closes in Victorville after 21 years

VICTORVILLE (VVNG.COM): After 21 years of serving the Victor Valley some of the best burritos, Los Roberto’s Mexican Restaurant, located at 12670 Hesperia Road, decided it was in their best interest to close shop for good.

They were best known for their California Burritos loaded with carne asada, cilantro, tomato’s, onions, american cheese and french fries. Many fond memories were made between family and friends who enjoyed the great Mexican food served at the location.

The restaurant closed their doors late July and posted several signs around the building citing the reason for closure, the sign read…

“Los Robertos #1- To all our wonderful customers and friends:

It has been a wonderful blessing and tremendous honor to have been able to serve you for 21 years. But unfortunately we can not continue to operate with a loss that just keeps accumulating.

We blame no one and are very grateful to everybody who at one time or another gave us the opportunity to earn their business.

We close our doors with a grateful heart and all we can say is THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!

We will miss you greatly and God bless you… Thank you.


The location was remodeled a few years back after it suffered fire damage when a late night fire swept through the kitchen roof. The fire was caused by an electrical problem in the ceiling. The restaurant closed for over a year after the incident, but re-opened with a more grand look.

A second location located on 7th street in Victorville was previously called “Los Robertos #2,” but has recently changed their name to “Dos Robertos.”

What is another Mexican Restaurant in the Victor Valley that you would recommend?

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