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Victorville Man Killed After Crashing Into Parked Car in Costa Mesa

COSTA MESA, Calif. ( A 26-year-old Victorville resident was killed after his motorcycle struck a parked car in Costa Mesa, CA. The deadly crash occurred...
Photo: (left) Emily Caruth, Hesperia Mayor Paul Russ, Susanne Roy, and Joshua Dysart

VVAPL Recognizes Top Volunteers for 2017

(PRESS RELEASE) - VVAPL Humane Society recognizes Susanne Roy, Joshua Dysart, and Emily Caruth as their top Volunteers for 2017.  They were recently honored...

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A man driving Chevy Malibu was cited for driving without a license after crashing into an SUV carrying two children. (Gabriel D. Espinoza, Victor Valley News)

Unlicensed Driver Crashes into Car Carrying Two Children

HESPERIA, Calif. ( A man was cited for driving without a license after crashing into an SUV at a high rate of speed, authorities...

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Adelanto Man Accused of Attempting to Set Wife on Fire

ADELANTO, Calif. ( An Adelanto man is facing attempted murder charges after splashing his wife and vehicle with gasoline and threatening to set her...

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